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Music (from Latin America and Spain/ Germany)
Latin America/ Spain/ Cuba/ Catalonia (culture, politics and society)
Internet (tecnology and society)

About this topics I publish articles and reviews in newspapers, magazines, TV- and radioprograms and on websites. Inside these topics I’m very interested in minority language politics, minorities, youth politics, german minorities in Latin America, and in jazz, (independent)rock and electronic music.

Exclude, accuse, absorb! Cultural policy-strategies of the Cuban government against rock music, hiphop and reggaeton (Conference, University of Straßburg, 8.6.2013)


(Ed., together with Tilbert D. Stegmann) Catalonia: 1976 - 2006 (LIT 2007)
Short history of Catalonia with Walther L.Bernecker and Peter Kraus (Suhrkamp 2007)
Catalan cuisine (Die Werkstatt 2007)

Work in progress:
Article: German musicians in Latin America
Article: Latinamericans in Germany

In English:

Barcelona: Jazz magnet (miniguide* Barcelona 13/ 2006)

Some works (titels translated):

TV: “Cuba – the cradle of latin jazz” (WDR Documentary 90 min.; f.e. presented in the year 2000 at the competition of foreign videos about Latin America at the 22. “Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano” in Havana)

„Jazzpaña II – A portrait“ (Documentary 15 min., WDR 2001)

Radio: „The history of electroacustic music in Latin America“ (Serie of six parts for radio WDR3/ Studio Elektronische Musik; 06/ 2005)

Books and articles:

Eßer, Torsten; Frölicher, Patrick (Eds.): "All in my life is music...’ Cuban music from rumba to tecno. Frankfurt, 2004, Vervuert, 642 S., Bibliotheca Ibero-Americana vol. 100

The Tramontana: no serial number (COSTA:LIVE Magazin 05/ 2006)

 „Socialismo con pachanga. Cuban cultural politics since 1959 and its affections towards music“, in: "All in my life is music...’ Cuban music from rumba to tecno. Frankfurt, 2004, S. 33-74.

„Telecommunication and internet in Chile“, in: Peter Imbusch/Dirk Messner/Detlef Nolte (Hrsg.). Chile heute, Frankfurt a.M. 2004, S. 757-772.

Eliseo Parra – music from the four Spain (Jazzthetik 7/ 2003)

„Music markets and industry in Latin America“ (Matices Nr. 28/ 2000)

„Narco-música and Tecnogeist. Mexican music since the XX century until today“,
in: Walther L. Bernecker/ Klaus Zimmermann u.a. (Hrsg.). Mexiko heute, Frankfurt a.M. 2004, S. 563-606

„Music and culture in times of internet and globalisation“, in: Torsten Eßer, music-and-sound.de - Musik im Internet, Papyrossa-Verlag, Köln 2000, S. 14-24

"The myth of the communication revolution: Internet in Latin America“ (Entwicklungspolitik Online 2/ 2000)

© Torsten Eßer